(EFR for short)

As with most things in life a few hints and tips that have been found by experience help others.

EFR have a few of their own but need a bit of digging. Its best to sign into EFR first then select the retailer of your choice. Even better if you google it or Ebay then select Ebay from within EFR and then purchase.

Spend a little  time getting to know it.

A very useful addition is that of FIND & REMIND facility which identifies whether products you have googled are available through EFR.  Look for FIND & REMIND and install on your computer.

EasySearch is a good idea and seems to be a hybrid of google and yahoo, and provides 1/2p per relevant search to CLBC.  Unlike some searchbars it is not intrusive on your computer. Its just as simple to use.

You can always choose to be anonymous when you register, or even after, should you wish.

Your purchases are private, but CLBC benefits.

Features of EasyFundRaising:

For alll the cooks out there LAKELAND is in the scheme. So too are Amazon and Ebay. For all the E-Bayers you can get nectar points as well raise money for CLBC. John Lewis is often very competetive. Then there’s Tesco.

Taking advantage of the EFR regular mail  newsletter informs you of all the different discounts & offers the retailers provide for you to insert in a box at the checkout giving you extra benefits. Look for the voucher deals.

 Ideal for the voucher hunters.

If your Broadband Contract is to expire shortly deal with it early by asking for the MAC number 32 days before, and go searching for better deals through EFR. Dont get pushed into a renewal. Haggle. When you do switch make sure you do it through EFR scheme.

Booking up holidays, or short breaks? Then choose from the Travel category and book through EFR and earn some good donations.

Even booking UK hotels and B&B can earn a good donation through, Premier, Travelodge, etc..

Getting used to EFR?.  Then put your usual shops onto the favourites bar, click from the bar and go straight into your shop through EFR.  Then your visit is sure to be recorded and any purchases recorded.

I often browse first to find what I need then exit, check in with EFR -choose the retailer, and make the purchase. So simple it becomes second nature. The list of categories and sub categories is well worth knowing.

Thinking of changing Gas or Electricity provider? Go through EFR Utility, you save and CLBC gain.

Go for a quote for your car or van insurance renewal with LV+ or Aviva, and if you save, book through EFR and get CLBC a big donation.

Need to buy a washing machine, Fridge, or dishwasher? Get quotes and then use EFR to purchase and look at the donation. It really is simple and so worthwhile. AO seem to be very competitive.

If you buy for business then use EFR as your portal. VAT can be calculated from a retail purchase.