Home Mission is central to the way the Baptist Union runs.

It looks after the day to day running of the Baptist denomination

It funds those going to the Baptist Colleges to become ministers.

It helps the pastoral care of the families they leave behind to study

It helps those churches that could not support a minister’s living wage

It provides pastoral care to those left in distressing circumstances.

Giving to Home Mission

This year 2019 we need to raise over £4m to continue the work that Home Mission makes possible. That sounds like a lot of money – but if every Baptist Church gave at least 5% of their general income to this vital work we would raise that – and more!  

If you are a member of one of our churches then please encourage your church to give at least 5%. Dont wait for someone else to raise the question.

If you are part of one of our churches then you can give a gift to Home Mission through the normal church channels.  We can provide you with offering envelopes which you can use. You might want to encourage others in the church to use them as well.

Click here to view and order offering envelopes.