Do you shop online? Here is an easy way to help CLBC  without costing you anything.

First click the banner below


Click on "Sign up for your cause” in the centre panel.

Press on from there.  You’re even able  to select Gift Aid if you pay UK tax.  We recommend this, as HMCR will reimburse to CLBC.    Then Choose a good password

You’ll get a welcome page, and then you’re ready to shop.

First explore the retailer lists.  Lots of the most popular on-line retailers and service providers can be found within the various categories from the menu of the logon page, such as Argos, Amazon, Boots,   Interflora, John Lewis, M&S, and so many others.

Once you’ve found your way around then put your CLBC Easy page into your bookmarked favourites. Its exclusive and private to you and your family.

Oh, one last hint.  Once in, look to the bottom of the EFR page, find & Use their link-checker    page and press the green button in the middle, which checks the linking between EFR and you,  this ensures that your purchases are able to be logged. Most important for you and CLBC.

Now you’ve read this GO FOR IT. Get into the habit.